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    Thumbs up A site that help you recognise every element! from a resistor to a rocket launcher!

    Hi there!
    I have found really nice site about electronic elements
    It's the best site i have found so far for me

    This site is in russian language , i don't know russian, so i us "translate by google chrome " :P
    This site is reallly valuable because there is everything !
    From a resistor to a tank or a rocket launcher ( really!!! its funny for me but there is also a lot information about, for example, how many gold, silver and platinum has in a rocket launcher )
    And every one element has desription:

    Gold,00009Silver :0
    Platinum: 0
    PGM: 0

    when PGM is - all platinum metals ( dunno how it is in english) but palladium+platinum etc.
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