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    Scrap Metal Forum Rules and Guidelines - OVERALL

    Scrap Metal Forum RULES - Please Read

    This is the official thread for forum rules.
    This is an open and public forum. We don't manually approve or deny anybody's registration here, neither do we manually approve or deny the threads and posts people publish so please understand prior to participating in this forum, the rules set forth below.

    Although you are free to benefit from the value, knowledge and open discussion this forum has to offer, be advised that we do our best to maintain the quality and integrity of this forum as well as the forum members.

    Please read, understand and abide by the following rules.

    * - ADVERTISING - Advertising to buy or sell scrap is not allowed on the main forum. To advertise as a buyer or seller of anything, you must first upgrade your membership on the forum here, Payments, then post your buy or sell offer in the Scrap Buyers and Sellers section of the forum, here. If you post offers to buy or sell scrap to other members on the main forum, anywhere except the buyers and sellers section, your post/thread will be deleted and might lead to a ban from the forum!

    * - Don't insult, bash or make rude unnecessary posts towards other members for any reason. If you don't have something positive to say, don't say it, you're wasting your time. We frown upon this type of negativity will zero tolerance and will likely result in someone placing a temporary or permanent ban your account and/or place restrictions on your account.

    * - Posting Reviews for SCRAP BUYERS - Reviews should ONLY be posted on the buyer or sellers advertisement thread itself, if they have one on the forum. Forum advertising, and reviews for members who advertise here, are ONLY to be posted in the paid thread which the buyer or seller has posted. Any buyer or seller reviews posted on the main forum will be deleted.

    * - If you get banned, do not create another account. If your ban was temporary and you decide to try and create another account, the ban will become permanent.

    * - Do not post the same thread multiple times. If you posted a thread and didn't get the answers or feedback you wanted, you need to either rephrase your question/thread or have a quick search through the forum since the question was likely already answered. Posting the same thread multiple times will just result in it being deleted and you will just be wasting the time of yourself and forum admins.

    * - The services section. You must either purchase a SCRAP ROOM MEMBERSHIP (which comes with the ability to post one advertisement), or a Scrap Metal Services subscription which will let you advertise your services, but does not include access to the Scrap Room. You'll be sent a PM when your ad gets approved.
    You can upgrade your account at

    *. Links - Spam is always a no-no, of course. Links to spammy or completely irrelevant websites will be removed. Affiliate links are not allowed at all. Links to generally inappropriate content will be removed immediately. Posting "competitive links" is not allowed. This includes other recycling forums, or sites or pages that link to other recycling forums, and linking to sites that promote scrap buying and selling platforms is also not allowed (except Ebay).

    * - Please use the 'report post' and 'report message' functions. This is the little exclamation point symbol at the bottom corner of all posts, threads and private messages. Please use this feature as it will automatically notify admins/moderators of the issue so it can be looked into and fixed. Whether it's a hateful comment, spam or any other issue you feel should be reported, use this feature and include a brief message and we'll fix it as soon as we can. If you need to you can also contact us at our help desk via

    * - Disallowed thread/post topics - Religious discussions, Political discussions (unless it's directly related to metal recycling and IS NOT a debate), bans, Moderated posts/threads, Illegal activities and other unethical or immoral business practices, advertising outside of designated areas, list subject to change.

    * - No trolling. Don't come to the forum without interest in metal recycling and post meaningless nonsense for the purpose of self-entertainment.

    * - No Homepage URLs in your profile or links in your signature until you have at least 20 posts on the forum.

    * - Calling out the admins or the mods on the forum will not be tolerated. If you have an issue, submit a ticket at the support link at the top of the forum or by visiting

    * - Condoning illegal activities in posts/threads on the forum is not allowed. Example, snipping air conditioners rather than evacuating them with proper equipment, illegally dumping and/or burning your 'hazardous waste' to make a quick buck, stealing scrap metal, etc. We will not allow this and if you're caught condoning such activities you'll have a ban placed on your account.

    * - Enjoy the forum.

    Please read and review the threads in the Rules & Guidelines sub-forum for additional rules/guidelines not included in this thread.

    Also make sure you read any 'sticky' threads at the top of any forum category on this site (if any), for category specific rules/guidelines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnC4X4 View Post
    Well go ahead and do the test >> Report the previous posts from the X rated story and lets see how long before they go POOF
    poof!!! and half the thread is gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by greytruck View Post
    poof!!! and half the thread is gone
    I figured I'd be sent on a vacation from the comment I made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimicrk View Post
    I figured I'd be sent on a vacation from the comment I made.
    Nah, but it was a good one

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