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Updates - Paypal and the SMF Newsletter

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    Updates - Paypal and the SMF Newsletter

    Happy New Years Eve everyone, we have a couple exciting announcements to make.

    1 - We are now accepting Paypal for all forum subscriptions. You no longer have to go through 2checkout to pay with Paypal, although the option is still available. This includes the lifetime Scrap Room membership, posting advertisement threads and any other subscriptions we may have now and in the future.

    When you visit your Paid Subscriptions page, once you select the subscription you want (Scrap Room membership for example), you will be prompted with the option to checkout with Paypal OR 2checkout.

    2 - We would like to introduce the official Scrap Metal Forum Newsletter - The #1 newsletter all metal recyclers need in their inbox!

    The newsletter will provide all kinds of content including: Tips to help you grow your business, market news and prices, updates/hot topics/events/special offers from SMF and more.

    The newsletter is completely free, and it only takes a second to subscribe. If you want a whole lot of "awesome" in your inbox via the Scrap Metal Forum newsletter, click the following link and enter your details to subscribe now:

    That's all for now. It's been a great year in 2014, thanks for being a part of it!

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    Thank you and look forward to the first newsletter. When do you expect the first issue?

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