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Thank a veteran today - Happy Veterans Day.

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    Thank a veteran today - Happy Veterans Day.

    It's Veteran's day again.

    We pride ourselves in acknowledging and showing respect to those who have served or are currently serving.

    There is a sticky thread entitled the "Service Members ROLL CALL", which you can find at the top of the off-topic forum.

    This is where our registered members who are military veterans may post a brief summary (some of them quite lengthly) of their service to their country.

    You can visit that thread here:

    I ask that DO NOT post in this thread if you are not a past or present military service member. BUT, I do ask that you visit that thread, read all of the posts, and show your thanks (by using the thanks button) for our veterans who risked it all and more.

    As most of you know, you get a nice flashing notification at the top of the forum when somebody gives a thanks to a post you made. Today, let's give our vets as many flashing notifications as we can for them to see next time they log-in to the forum.

    It's the little things we can do, that can make a big difference for the people who put it all on the line.

    Visit the roll call thread, and thank some vets. Let's light up those notifications for our service members today.

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    Thank you, sir!

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