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Buyer & Seller Advertising Clarification

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    Buyer & Seller Advertising Clarification

    Here's how buyer and seller advertising works on the forum.

    1 - Advertising to buy or sell scrap is not allowed anywhere on the forum EXCEPT in the Scrap Buyers & Sellers section. Any posts, threads, introductions, etc offering to buy or sell scrap anywhere else will be deleted. Advertising via private messaging is also not allowed, unless you are contacting a member who has posted a Scrap Buyers & Sellers thread.

    2 - To post an advertisement thread in the Scrap Buyers and Sellers section you must either become a Scrap Room member or purchase a Scrap Buyers & Sellers Thread subscription for your account. You can do either of those via your Paid Subscriptions page.

    3 - A Scrap Room membership or Scrap Buyers & Sellers Thread subscription is good for ONE thread. After your thread has been approved you will not be able to use the 'Post new thread' button.

    4 - If you wish to post an additional Buyer/Seller thread, you must purchase the Scrap Buyers & Sellers Thread subscription again. At this point the 'Post new thread' button will be available to you again to submit an additional thread for approval.

    5 - We will not approve the same advertisement twice. To have an additional thread approved it must be a completely separate, different offer.

    6 - Becoming a Scrap Room member and/or having a Scrap Buyers & Sellers thread subscription DOES NOT permit you to advertise in other areas of the forum as mentioned in note 1 above.

    Guidelines and requirements for Scrap Buyers & Sellers threads can be found here,
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