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Our Stance on Refining Topics - DANGEROUS

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    Our Stance on Refining Topics - DANGEROUS

    I wanted to make a sticky in here about our rules regarding precious metal refining. I don't believe there was ever a clear thread or notice regarding this so I'm posting one now.

    First and foremost - Refining involves chemicals and processes that can KILL you. Refining is DANGEROUS. That is not to be taken lightly, trying to refine, without knowing what you're doing, can KILL YOU and OTHERS AROUND YOU.

    This forum is not the place to become knowledgeable about, or to educate others about the details on how to refine precious metals.

    We don't want discussions starting here with detailed posts about how to refine, the mixture of chemicals, how to or not to be safe about it. This is not the place for that type of discussion, refining is an entirely different trade from "Scrapping".

    Detailed postings regarding the refining process have always been and will be continue to be removed when they come up. Again this is serious stuff and this forum is not the place to learn or teach these things.

    If you want to learn about, or talk about gold refining (or the refining of other precious metals) please visit the Gold Refining Forum 'GRF'.


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