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Clickable SMF Buyer Badges on Posts

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    Clickable SMF Buyer Badges on Posts

    The SMF Scrap Metal buyer badge is a pronounced 'button' with call to action that you may link to your buyer/seller thread you have on the forum.

    Your buyer badge will be displayed in all of your posts under the forum under your username, or under your Badges of Honor if you have any.

    To obtain this badge for yourself, the option is available on your subscriptions page "Scrap Metal Buyer Badge"
    If you have already purchased this option you don't need to do so again, however you do need to follow the steps below.

    To activate your SMF scrap buyer button and link it to your thread, you need to copy & paste the full URL of your buyer thread, into the your profile via the "Scrap Buyers/Sellers Thread URL" field at the bottom of your settings page here, General Settings

    You can enter your buyer/seller thread URL here at anytime, however the button will not display on your posts until you upgrade your account via the 'scrap metal buyer badge' option.

    You can upgrade your account and activate your SMF Buyer Badge here, Paid Subscriptions

    There's also an option to input a brief thread description, this is optional and will be displayed when someone hovers their mouse over your button.

    You can see an example of the smf buyer badge via the member who started this thread,

    NOTE - This is FOR YOUR BUYER/SELLER THREAD ONLY. Not your personal website or other URL, it is only for your buyer/seller thread. Anyone abusing this feature will have the privilege removed.
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