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    Mobile version of Scrap Metal Forum

    We've got a MOBILE-FRIENDLY version of the forum set up and ready to go for everyone who wants to utilize it.

    This IS NOT the app I mentioned in a previous post, this is just a mobile friendly layout of the site.

    When you navigate to the forum in your browser via your smart phone (most of them), you should be automatically sent to the MOBILE version of SMF. From here, you still have the choice to view the site in its full version via the link at the bottom.

    If you DON'T arrive at the mobile version of the forum automatically, follow the steps below:

    1 - Clear your COOKIES from your phone. All phone's are different, google it for your specific phone.

    2 - Clear your CACHE. Same as above, google that for your specific phone.

    3 - Clear your browsing HISTORY.

    Once you do that you should be able to close and re-open your browser, navigate to the forum and automatically arrive at the mobile version.


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    It all makes sense now. Been wondering since yesterday why everything looked different. My smartphone is smarter than me once again. I like the mobile version now that I know lol.

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    oh great. now I really need new glasses ;-) Looks good! thanks for all you are doing to make SMF the best it can be! BroJer

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