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Relevant Thread Titles PLEASE!

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    Relevant Thread Titles PLEASE!


    Please take the extra second or two to make your thread titles RELEVANT.

    We see it pretty often, members saying they can't find what they're looking for, looked through the threads and couldn't find XX. The reason is because so many valuable threads here have completely irrelevant titles on them, not only does this make it harder for forum members to know what your thread is even about when scanning the categories, but it makes it harder for users to find previous threads when using the forum's search feature.

    We're going to manually go through and change the titles of a ton of threads on this board, I'm OFFICIALLY REQUESTING from this point forward that ALL NEW THREADS be appended with descriptive titles. We'd really appreciate it.

    Here's examples of thread titles that are no good,

    Recent one

    "How many times..."

    "how much should i pay..."

    "how do i..."

    "need advice"

    "need help quick"

    All these are titles that will make your threads harder to find via the search function, and will also probably not get the replies you want, or the members knowledgeable in that area to answer you because they don't know what the thread is about and might not have interest.

    Here's an example of GOOD thread titles, that will provide more value to the board, and to you when you post them.

    "Need help bidding on a computer auction"

    "i need help disposing of xxx quickly"

    "i need advice on doing xxx with xxx"

    "how much should I pay for this load of batteries"

    "how do you get rid of xxx item"

    "whats the best way to do xxx"

    "how to maximize profit on item here"


    All these titles are relevant and specific, and will provide more value all around not only for the original poster, but for others who may be searching for a question that your thread might answer.

    I'll post a dismissible notice on the board for all members to read. Again, please take the extra second or two to make sure your thread titles provide a good explanation of what your thread itself is about.


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    admin started this thread.
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    Just wanted to get some eyeballs on this thread once again.

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