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    Buying all E-waste and Non-Ferrous Commodities in Las Vegas

    Red Rock Metal Recycling is buying all E-waste and nonferrous metals in Las Vegas!. We are not open to the general public, must be associated with a business.

    Please call or email Phillip - (702) 333-8206 or

    All pricing is /lb. unless specified as ea. = each

    Prices are listed as delivered to Vegas. Picked up pricing can be given upon request. If anything is not listed that you want to sell please call, email or text Phillip to further discuss. We can buy it all!

    We are a FULL SERVICE E-waste and nonferrous processor. We can quote anything not listed per request.

    Nonferrous pricing changes daily. Please Contact Phil for a detailed NF Dealer Price List. All copper,aluminum,brass,lead and high temp alloys accepted.

    Prices Effective - 10-1-18 - Subject to change without notice
    Circuit Boards
    Hard Drive Board 8.00
    Cell Phone Board 9.00
    High Grade Telecom 4.50
    Low Grade Telecom 3.50
    P3 Server Board - Large Multi socket 3.50
    P4 Server Board - Small Multi socket 2.30
    Fingercards 3.40
    High Grade Mix 2.90
    Laptop Board 2.90
    P3 MOBO - Large Single socket 2.70
    P4 MOBO - Small Single socket 1.50
    Mid Grade Mix 1.40
    Colored MOBO 1.20
    Mid Low Mix 1.00
    Power Board .29
    Low Grade Mix/TV Monitor Board .24
    Whole Units
    PC Tower Complete .32
    PC Tower Incomplete .24
    Laptops - Good Screen 7.50 ea.
    Laptop Scrap .70
    LCD Monitors 19''+ Widescreen 7.00 ea.
    LCD Monitors 17'' 5.00 ea.
    LCD Monitors 15" 2.00 ea.
    LCD Panels - Good Screen 1.50 ea.
    Servers - Complete .45
    Cell phones w/ Battery 3.00
    Cell phones w/o Battery 3.50
    Modems/routers/switches .40
    Cable Boxes w/ HD .30
    Cable Boxes w/o HD .25
    Gold Ram 13.00
    Silver Ram 4.00
    Rambus 4.00
    Lead Acid Batts .34
    LI-ION Batts- Laptop 1.60
    LI-ION Mixed .70
    LI-ION - Cell Phone Batts 1.20
    Ni-Mh Batts .05
    UPS w/o battery .12
    UPS w/ battery .14
    Miscellaneous Electronics
    AC Adapter w/ wire .22
    AC Adapter w/o wire .10
    Power Supply w/ wire .20
    Power Supply w/o wire .14
    Server Power Supply .26
    CD/Floppy/DVD .15
    HD Complete w/ Board .70
    HD Complete w/ board (punched) .55
    HD w/o Board .20
    Shredded HD w/ Board .25
    Shredded HD w/o Board .18
    AL Heat Sinks .47
    AL Heat Sinks w/ FE .25
    AL/CU Heat Sinks .60
    Processors Call

    Any questions, please call or email Phillip - (702) 333-8206 or

    Please feel free to leave feedback on this post to help me better suit the next updated pricing post to this forum communities needs.


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    Soooo I'm a little biased since I'm now a Red Rock employee but prior to working here I was a customer. For full pallets of material that needed some degree of sorting (as in a gaylord with more than one grade of ewaste) the turnaround time for payment was less than three days and gaylords with just one item the turnaround time was same day. Fair pricing and quick turnaround time. Liked them enough that I work here now lol.
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    Wish I lived closer, those monitor prices look great.

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