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    WTB: Circuit Boards Server Boards, Motherboards, Pin Boards, Military Boards in Bulk.

    We Buy E-scrap, Circuit Boards. Server Boards, Motherboards, Pin Boards, Military Boards Etc..
    We are also buying Scrap Cpu's & Computer Memory. We also purchase working computer memory PC3/PC4 only. Please send your inventory information to receive a quote.

    In regards to Computer Boards 2,500 lb. or more is preferred. Please see our pricing below.

    Please reach out for a price quote.

    Mojo Tech - (Pricing Schedule) Pricing is subject to change.
    Circuit Boards Description Price/lbs.
    High-grade Boards P3 or older $2.28
    Telecom Boards $3.64
    TV Boards $0.24
    Motherboards- High Grade P3 or Older $2.25
    Motherboards- Multiple Types P4 Green $1.28
    Motherboards- Multiple Types P4 Green/Color $0.92
    Gold Ram Non Rambus $14.00
    Tin Ram Non Rambus $4.56
    Low Grade Boards $0.90
    CPU chips without pins P4 - Pinless $3.24
    CPU chips with pins P4 - w/pins $5.00
    Cell phone Boards w/o backs or batteries $7.44
    Server Boards-low grade $1.65
    Server Boards- mid grade $3.15
    Cable Box Boards pictures preferred $1.40
    Finger Boards no heat sinks or fans $2.55
    CD Drive Boards no heat sinks or fans $2.25
    Working Memory PC3, PC4, 4gb or higher Quote
    Working CPU's I-Series, Xeon depending on model Quote
    Please email us for additional information.
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