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Ontario, Canada E-waste Buyer

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    Ontario, Canada E-waste Buyer

    KD Recycling Inc. is proud to now offer our online price list.

    Prices listed below are per lb. and in Canadian Funds unless otherwise noted.

    Prices are delivered or shipped to our location and do not include shipping (P0H 1H0)

    All batteries, excess aluminum/ metal enclosures must be removed. (Unless specified below)

    Prices are subject to change, please confirm pricing before shipping.

    Canada Weights and Measures Certified Scales

    Instant payment in cash or cheque in person or bank transfer for shipped orders upon confirmation of materials shipped.

    It may take up to 24 hours for a response to inquiries.

    Motherboards and Adapter Cards (must be sorted)

    $1.50 Motherboards Small Socket (All Colors - P4 and Newer)
    $2.00 Motherboards Large Socket (All Colors - Slot, P3 and older)
    $1.75 Motherboards Large Socket Low Grade (All Colors - primarily socket type 462)
    $2.50 Finger Boards (Only need to remove oversized heatsinks, battery... metal bracket is OK)

    Memory (must be sorted)

    $5.25 RAMBUS (Memory with metal enclosure)
    $13.50 Gold Memory (No Blanks)
    $5.50 Silver/Tin Memory
    $10.00 Slot Processor

    CPUs (must be sorted)

    $110.00 Intel 386 and 486
    $85.00 Motorola
    $60.00 Pentium Pro Gold Caps
    $35.00 Cyrix/IBM/VIA Gold Cap
    $30.00 Pentium Ceramic
    $30.00 AMD Ceramic Clean (without Al. Cap)
    $25.00 Black Fiber CPU
    $10.50 Green/Brown Fiber without Heatsink
    $4.25 Green Fiber with Heatsink - Pins
    $3.25 Green Fiber with Heatsink - Pinless

    Misc. Items (must be sorted)

    $.90 Laptops Complete
    $.75 incomplete laptops (Must have Motherboard)
    $1.00 Li Ion Laptop (Exposed terminals must be taped)
    $2.50 Cell Phones w/o battery
    $0.60 Li Ion Cell Phone Batteries (Exposed terminals must be taped)
    $0.25 AC Adapter w/ Wire
    $0.15 AC Adapter w/o Wire
    $0.55 Mixed Computer Wire
    $0.60 Ribbon wire with ends
    $0.50 Cat5 with ends
    $0.30 Clean Aluminum Heatsink
    $0.80 Clean Cu/Al Heatsink
    $0.60 Hard Drives Complete
    $0.40 Hard Drives Complete – (Damaged)

    We also buy scrap Copper, Brass, Aluminium and scrap cars.

    Please contact us for further information on any materials not listed as this is just a sample of the materials that we purchase.

    Looking forward to doing business with you.


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