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    aph started this thread.
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    WANTED to buy, French Door Refrigerators, working or not, NorCal - Stockton area

    Hi there,
    we are looking to buy any working or non-working French Door Fridge in halfway decent condition. No major parts missing etc.
    We are located in Stockton, CA and are willing to drive a bit for the right opportunity.
    We pay $50-500 each based on condition.

    Also possibly interested in other quality used appliances, working or not.
    We get A LOT already, so the deal has to be worthwhile for us.
    We are generally NOT interested in rejects of other appliance buyers.

    We prefer to deal in bulk (but willing to deal with just one Frenchie) due to time constraints.

    Please send message on here or TEXT me at 209-403-0595.

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    sorry new to the forum so i don't know how to pm people yet but we will have 200-400 french door units a month available in kcmo if you are interested we have a total of around 2000 total appliances per month coming through feel free to email me at or call me at 402 290 7959 we can sell you untested units or tested and working units whichever you want.

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