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    Buying Electronic Scrap, RAM, CPU, computer parts, cell phones

    My name is Barnabas and I run a small electronic recycling business in the Vancouver, BC area. I have been buying electronic scrap locally for about 5 years, but have decided to offer buying from across Canada. I will start with selected higher value items, which may be worth shipping even in smaller quantities. There are no minimum quantity requirements. If there is enough interest, I will be adding other items to the buy list in the future.

    Contact –By far the best way to contact me is by email, I will answer most emails within 24 hours. Please refer to the Scrap Metal Forum when emailing.

    Delivery – All shipping paid by the seller, delivered to Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1C2. I accept shipments from anywhere in Canada. If you are local, drop off or pick up can be arranged.

    Large shipments – If you have pallet size shipments, please let me know in advance.

    Payment – Payment by Paypal in Canadian funds. Other payment methods may be arranged if necessary. Payment within 10 days of receiving shipment, may be able to pay sooner depending on workload. If local pick up or drop off, payment is made by cash.

    Prices – Prices shown are in Canadian dollars, per pound. Prices are subject to change depending on market conditions. I will update periodically. While prices may not be quite as high as from US buyers, I am sure I can offer better pricing than most local scrap yards. You also save the hassle and high cost of shipping to the US, adding to your bottom line.

    Cell phones, whole with batteries (cell phones ONLY, no cordless handsets, MP3 players, etc).....$1.50 per lb

    Cell phones, batteries and battery covers removed (cell phones ONLY, see above).....$2.70 per lb

    Finger cards (please remove fans and heatsinks, mounting bracket may be left on).....$2.50 per lb

    CD/DVD drive boards (not including floppy drive boards).....$1.85 per lb

    Hard drive boards (hard drive boards ONLY, no floppy/CD/DVD boards).....$6.25 per lb

    RAM, with gold fingers (no RAMBUS with heat sinks, no blanks).....$12.00 per lb

    RAM, with silver fingers.....$5.00 per lb

    RAM, RAMBUS, or any other RAM with heat sinks attached.....$5.00 per lb

    RAM, fingers cut off (chips must still be on).....$3.00 per lb

    CPU, pinless.....$3.25 per lb

    CPU, with pins, with heat sinks.....$4.00 per lb

    CPU, green/brown fiber, with pins, no heat sinks.....$9.50 per lb

    CPU, slot (please remove heat sinks and plastic casings).....$8.00 per lb

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