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    Cool Buying CPUs, Laptops, Motherboards, Silver Plated Brass, and X-ray Film

    To start off we are currently looking to purchase a handful of items. Low Grade Motherboards also Complete and Incomplete laptops for scrap. Pricing is as follows:Misc. scrap
    Telecom $4.25/lb.
    Low Grade Telecom $2.50/lb.
    Gold Capped Ceramic Chipboard $5.50 -$15.00/lb.
    Large Socket Motherboard - All Types $3.60/lb.
    Small Plastic/Metal Socket Green Motherboard $1.80/lb.
    Foreign Colored Motherboard $1.50/lb.
    #1 Server Board $4.25/lb.
    #2 Server Board $2.50/lb.
    Clean Finger Cards - No Fan No Heatsink $3.90/lb.
    Finger Cards - Small Fan / Heatsink $2.00/lb.
    Finger Cards - Oversized Fan / Heatsink $1.00/lb.
    Trimmed Finger Cards $0.50/lb. - $2.00/lb.
    Gold Memory $17.00/lb.
    Silver Memory $7.00/lb.
    Rambus Ram $6.50/lb.
    Slot Processor $14.00/lb.
    Hard Drive Board $10.50/lb.
    IC Chips - No Dallas Switches $6.25/lb.
    CD Board $4.00/lb.
    Whole Laptops $1.20/lb.
    Partial Laptops (Motherboard & Good Screen) $.80/lb.
    Partial Laptops (Motherboard & Bad Screen) $.55/lb.
    Whole Cream Tower $.30/lb.
    Partial Cream Tower $.20/lb.
    Whole Black Tower $.25/lb.
    Partial Black Tower $.15/lb.
    Whole Server $.30/lb.
    Partial Server $.22/lb.
    CD/Floppy Drives $.15/lb.
    Hard Drives w/ Board $.55/lb.
    Bent/punched HD w/ Board $.22/lb.
    Shredded HD w/ Board $.17/lb.
    Hard Drive w/o Board $.22/lb.
    Bent, Punched, or Shredded HD w/o Board $.12/lb.
    Power Supply w/ Wire $.18/lb.
    Power Supply w/o Wire $.12/lb.
    Battery Back-Up Complete $.15/lb.
    Battery Back-Ups Incomplete (Must have Board and Transformer) $.08/lb.
    Taped Lead Acid Battery (Untaped -.05/lb.) $.21/lb.
    Taped Li-Ion Laptop Battery (Untaped - No Value) $.60/lb.
    Taped Li-Ion Cell Phone Battery (Untaped - No Value) $.35/lb.
    Bare Bright Copper $2.20/lb.
    #1 Copper $2.15/lb.
    #2 Copper $2.00/lb.
    Yellow Brass $1.30/lb.
    Red Brass $1.40/lb.
    Silver Plated Brass $2.00/lb.
    #1 Insulater Wire $1.00/lb.
    #2 Insulated Wire $.60/lb.
    #3 Insulated Wire $.40/lb.
    Clean Aluminum Copper Heatsinks $.60/lb.
    Dirty Aluminum Copper Heatsinks $.35/lb.
    Aluminum Copper Radiator Ends $.50/lb.
    X-ray Film - Scans 3% Spot Ag
    X-ray Film - Medical 4% Spot Ag
    17 Inch LCD Monitor (Not Scrap) 0.00
    19 Inch & Up LCD Monitor (Not Scrap) 0.00
    LCD Scrap -.10/lb.

    8086 Gold Cap Gold Leg $135.00/lb.
    386/486 $130.00/lb.
    Motorola Gold Cap $130.00/lb.
    Foreign Gold Cap - LSI/Nortel/Sun/DEC/NEC/Etc... $90.00/lb.
    Pentium Pro Gold Cap $80.00/lb.
    Double Side Gold Cap $80.00/lb.
    Cyrix/IBM/Via/WinChip Gold Cap $48.00/lb.
    Pentium 1 Ceramic $37.00/lb.
    Black Fiber $34.00/lb.
    AMD Ceramic $35.00/lb.
    AMD Aluminum $19.00/lb.
    Pentium 3 Green Fiber w/o Heatsink $13.00/lb.
    Pentium 4 Green Fiber w/ Heatsink $6.50/lb.
    No Pin Processor $4.40/lb.

    We are also looking to purchase all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation I-series processors and Core 2 Quad Processors for more than scrap. Pricing is as follows:1156 1st Generation I-series
    I3-530 SLBLR $2
    I3-530 SLBX7 $2
    I3-540 SLBTD $2
    I3-540 SLBMQ $2
    I3-550 SLBUD $2
    I3-560 SLBY2 $2
    I5-650 SLBTJ $3
    I5-650 SLBTJ $3
    I5-650 SLBLK $3
    I5-655K SLBXL $3
    I5-655K SLBXL $3
    I5-660 SLBLK $3
    I5-660 SLBTK $3
    I5-660 SLBLV $3
    I5-660 SLBTK $3
    I5-660 SLBLV $3
    I5-661 SLBNE $3
    I5-661 SLBTB $3
    I5-661 SLBTB $3
    I5-661 SLBNE $3
    I5-670 SLBLT $3
    I5-670 SLBLT $3
    I5-680 SLBTM $3
    I5-680 SLBTM $3
    I5-750 SLBLC $5
    I5-750S SLBLH $5
    I5-750 SLBLC $3
    I5-760 SLBRP $5
    I7-875K SLBS2 $5
    I7-860 SLBJJ $5
    I7-860S SLBLG $5
    I7-870 SLBJG $5
    I7-870S SLBQ7 $5
    I7-880 SLBPS $5
    I7-920 SLBEJ $2
    I7-920 SLBCH $2
    I7-930 SLBKP $3
    I7-940 SLBCK $3
    I7-950 SLBEN $3
    I7-960 SLBEU $5
    I7-965 SLBCJ $5
    I7-970 SLBVF $5
    I7-975 SLBEQ $5
    I7-980 SLBYU $7
    I7-980X SLBUZ $12
    I7-990X SLBVZ $12
    I3-2100T SR05Z $7
    I3-2100 SR05C $7
    I3-2102 SR05D $7
    I3-2105 SR0BA $7
    I3-2120 SR05Y $7
    I3-2120T SR060 $7
    I3-2125 SR0AY $7
    I3-2130 SR05W $7
    I3-3210 SR0YY $7
    I3-3220 SR0RG $7
    I3-3220T SR0RE $7
    I3-3225 SR0RF $7
    I3-3240T SR0RK $7
    I3-3240 SR0RH $7
    I3-3245 SR0YL $7
    I3-3250 SR0YX $7
    I3-3250 SR0YW $7
    I3-4130 SR1NP $15
    I3-4130T SR1NN $15
    I3-4150 SR1PJ $15
    I3-4160 SR1PK $15
    I3-4170 SR1PL $15
    I3-4330T SR1NK $15
    I3-4330 SR1NM $15
    I3-4340 SR1NL $15
    I3-4350T SR1PA $15
    I3-4350 SR1PF $15
    I3-4360 SR1PC $15
    I3-4360T SR1PB $15
    I3-4370T SR1TB $15
    I3-4370 SR1PD $15
    I3-6098P SR2NN $30
    I3-6100TSR2HE $30
    I3-6100 SR2HG $30
    I3-6300 SR2HA $40
    I5-2300 SR00D $6
    I5-2310 SR02K $6
    I5-2320 SR02L $6
    I5-2380P SR0G2 $6
    I5-2390T SR065 $6
    I5-2400 SR00Q $6
    I5-2400S SR00S $6
    I5-2450P SR0G1 $6
    I5-2500T SR00A $6
    I5-2500K SR008 $6
    I5-2500S SR009 $6
    I5-2500 SR00T $6
    I5-2505S SR0BB $6
    I5-2550K SR0QH $6
    I5-3330S SR0RR $7
    I5-3330 SR0RQ $7
    I5-3350P SR0WS $7
    I5-3450S SR0P2 $7
    I5-3450 SR0PF $7
    I5-3470 SR0T8 $7
    I5-3470T SR0RJ $7
    I5-3470S SR0T8 $7
    I5-3475S SR0PP $7
    I5-3550 SR0P0 $7
    I5-3550S SR0P3 $7
    I5-3570 SR0T7 $7
    I5-3570T SR0P1 $10
    I5-3570K SR0PM $10
    I5-3570S SR0T9 $7
    I5-4430S SR14M $20
    I5-4430 SR14G $20
    I5-4440 SR14F $20
    I5-4440S SR14L $20
    I5-4460 SR1QK $20
    I5-4570T SR1CA $25
    I5-4570 SR14E $25
    I5-4570S SR14J $25
    I5-4570R NA $25
    I5-4590 SR1QJ $20
    I5-4590S SR1QN $25
    I5-4670 SR14D $25
    I5-4670K SR14A $25
    I5-4670S SR14K $25
    I5-4670R NA $25
    I5-4670T SR14P $25
    I5-4690 SR1QH $35
    I5-6500 SR2BX $50
    I5-6600 SR2L5 $50
    I7-2600 SR00B $30
    I7-2600K SR00C $30
    I7-2600S SR00E $30
    I7-2700K SRODG $40
    I7-3770 SR0PK $30
    I7-3770S SR0PN $30
    I7-3770T SR0PQ $30
    I7-3770K SR0PL $30
    I7-3820 SROLD $25
    I7-3930K SR0H9 $35
    I7-3960X SR0KF $60
    I7-3960X SR0GW $60
    I7-3930K SR0KY $35
    I7-4765T SR14Q $40
    I7-4770T SR14N $40
    I7-4770 SR149 $40
    I7-4770R NA $40
    I7-4770K SR147 $40
    I7-4770S SR14H $40
    I7-4771 SR1BW $40
    I7-4790S SR1QM $55
    I7-4790 SR1QF $55
    I7-4790K SR147 $65
    I7-4920K SR1AU $65
    I7-4930K SR1AT $65
    I7-4960 SR1AS $70
    I7-5775C SR2AG $75
    I7-5775R SR2AL $75
    i7-5820K SR20S $90
    I7-5930K SR20R $90
    I7-5960X SR20Q $100
    I7-6700T SR2L3 $100
    I7-6700T SR2BU $100
    I7-6700K SR2BR $100
    I7-6700 SR2L2 $100
    I7-6700K SR2L0 $100
    I7-6700 SR2BT $100
    I7-6700TESR2LP $100
    I7-6785R SR2QQ $100
    I7-6785R SR2U0 $100
    I7-6800K SR2PD $100
    I7-6850K SRSPC $100
    I7-6900K SR2PB $100
    I7-6950X SR2PA $100
    I7-7700 SR388 $100
    I7-7700K SR33A $100
    I7-7700T SR339 $100
    I7-7740K SR3FP $100
    I7-7800X SR3NH $150
    I7-7800X SR3L4 $150
    I7-7820X SR3L5 $150
    I7-8086K SRCX5 $175
    I7-8700 SR3QS $150
    I7-8700T SR3WX $150
    I7-8700K SR3QR $150
    I7-9700K SRELT $175
    I7-9700K FSRFAC $175
    I7-9800X SR3L5 $175

    End of pricing
    Any chips that test bad will be bought at current scrap value or returned upon the request of the seller.Seller assumes all shipping and tracking responsibility. please include packaging slipShipping is to zip code 44601.any questions please contact us at Email:acetech2222@gmail.comPhone: 330-821-0500

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACCR View Post
    . We haven’t bought any core 2 chips in a long time and it appears we never removed the posted pricing when we stopped buying them. Pricing for those chips has been removed as they are only worth scrap value to us. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    Ah ok lol. Then my original assumption is correct, and they will stay in the "scrap cpu" bucket! Thanks!

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