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    Buying Reusable Components: Desktop, Laptop, Server and more! Shipping paid!

    Buying Reusable Components. Located on Long Island, New York

    1648 Locust Avenue Suite H
    Bohemia, NY 11716
    NYS DEC #01065

    Purchasing PC, Laptop and Server components such as RAM modules, CPU chips and Hard Drives & SSDs Wholesale.

    Pricing Current as of 5/12/2016
    RAM Pricing
    Intel Desktop Pricing ------> Need Help Identifying Intel CPUs? => How to Identify Intel® Desktop Processors and Fan Markings for...
    i-Series Laptop Pricing
    Xeon Server CPU Pricing
    HDD / SSD Pricing

    Hello and Welcome SMF members. We would like to thank our vendors for your continued support and extend an invitation to any new prospective clients who are curious about our services and purchasing program. Our receiving process includes testing RAM modules using a battery of voltage and data spikes via specially designed RAMCheck LX devices. CPUs are inspected visually and evaluated using POST and stress testing software. All Hard Drives / Solid State Drives have their SMART data and history of errors examined using HD Sentinel, an enterprise grade software for monitoring drive health. Drives must have zero bad sectors. Finally drives are then wiped using NIST 800-88 Guidelines based data-destruction program with audits available upon request; special sensitivities are given to ensure Solid State media is sanitized properly.

    Please direct all questions to =>

    Free Prepaid Shipping*
    Available for CPUs, SSDs and Memory. Prepaid labels are offered for USPS flat rate shipping boxes; Minimums* are $150 for Small Flat Rate, $250 for Medium Flat Rate and $350 for Large Flat Rate. Package components carefully so they are not damaged in shipping. For orders exceeding $1,000 we can ship complimentary CPU and RAM trays and handle shipping expenses.

    Quick Turn Around Times
    For flat rate shipments, product is tested and reports along with payments are sent typically within 5-7 business days upon receiving the product. Hard drives and larger size orders may take longer, you will be notified if if this is the case. Payments can be made by company check and Paypal with Paypal being the typically faster payment method.

    A Note on Hard Drives
    All Hard Drives should be shipped using specifically designed shipping boxes with partitions, we can source and provide these boxes at cost. Prepaid return shipping is available for Tested Working Drives meeting minimum quantities detailed in pricing sheet. We are not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping nor any return shipping charges for damaged product. Please package carefully; it is advisable to thoroughly test drives before sending them as defective drives are purchased as scrap and not eligible for prepaid shipping.

    Request a prepaid label Just email your return address, payment information and the flat rate size you will need to the email just below.
    Please print the label within 24 hours otherwise it will be voided, thank you!

    Be sure to Download and Print the different pages in spreadsheets as packing slips and include them with your package.

    RAM and CPU Packing Slip

    HDD and SSD Packing Slip

    Orders not meeting meeting the minimums for prepaid shipping are welcome too. Prepaid shipping may be deducted from payment.

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    I am happy to say that Michael has paid me in full as of today..... It took some time but hopefully he is on the right track....... Thanks Michael and best wishes to you and EWR...

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