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    Exclamation Buying Catalaytic Converters, Key Fobs & More- 24 Hour Payments!

    Scrap metal forum, allow me to introduce myself and our company. My name is Carl and our company wants to be your purchaser of scrap automotive catalyst. We have been browsing here for years, seeing the almost daily catalytic converter questions in the vehicle recycling forum. We understand that not everyone here has a strong buyer for their scrap catalytic converters, we aim to change this. We will treat you the same whether you have 1 or 1000 pieces to sell. We promise fair and accurate grading, helpful and available support for questions, and most of all fast 24 hour payments.

    We have been in the automotive and catalyst recycling business for generations. We understand the markets, and we understand the frustrations smaller businesses and scrap peddlers face. Many, not all, catalytic converter buyers all over the country, have relied on dishonest grading, large margins, and "averaging" the categories to unsuspecting buyers. The fact that many buyers purchase entire groups of converters at one price, breadloaf for example, should be a tell tale sign. Catalytic converters are no different than many other auto parts, many may look the same, but they were engineered differently per each vehicles specifications. A transfer case from a Ram 1500 with a hemi may look the same, but it is surely not the same as one found on a V6 model. This holds true for converters as well, a large breadloaf converter from a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am looks the same as a large breadloaf from a 1999 Grand Am, but they certainly were built to different specs. While one may only be worth $75, the other may be worth $195, a very large margin. The only way to determine which is which, is to have the converters assayed separately and note the part numbers. This is how we grade, we leave little up to a matter of opinion, which in turn ensures you are getting an honest price for your converter, and puts more cash in your pocket.

    We strive to provide excellent customer service, and we are here to answer any and all of your questions regarding your material. We promise, fast accurate payments, within 24 hours of receiving your converters. The accurate and increased prices you will receive for your catalytic converters, will more than make up for the shipping costs. Ever sold a converter to a scrap yard or core buyer and received $30? Only to find out later on it was worth $130? Send that same cat to us, and lets say we paid $130, subtract your shipping cost of approx. $10, and your $90 ahead.

    We also purchase many other valuable items which scrappers, recycling yards and repair shops come across frequently. Key fobs, remotes, smart keys, injectors, ecm's etc. All with fast and accurate payments.

    Our grading is one reason you will never see a price sheet from us with 15-20 categories. The variations in each number and model are so wide it would be dishonest for us to do so. We will be publishing a simple price sheet with ranges, special categories, and more. If you ever have a question or need a price we can be reached at or by phone at 1-570-591-0925, feel free to text us a picture for a price quote.

    Current Prices as of 4/24/14.... Most of these categories vary by number

    Large GM $117
    Xbody -$150
    Large Flow- $90-$210 By number
    Air Pipe GM -$70
    Small Ac Square - $70
    Small AC Special - $80
    Round AC- By Number
    Gm Tahoe 4 Hole- $90-$275
    Small Bread-by Number
    Small Flow- By Number
    Old Pre- $18
    Regular Pre- $32
    New Pre- $45
    High Pre-$60
    Ranger/Cigar no pipe -$80
    High Domestic -$80
    Wide Mouth-$90
    Tiger Paw -$100-$190
    Spoon- $80-$220
    Small Foreign- $90
    Medium Foreign-$105
    Large Foreign-$130
    Xl Foreign $190
    Exotic- $210
    Honda 02 Slant- $170
    Honda 02 Straight- $235
    Hotdog Honda - No sensor -$65
    Hotdog end- $100
    Hotdog Center -$155
    Special Volvo -$275
    Domestic Foils $7 per lb
    Foreign Foils- $10 per lb

    Here are some more prices for items we buy, this list is not all inclusive, we buy many more items contact us for info.

    Diesel Engine Cores--- These are complete cut-out cores, they can be out of the frame and do not include transmissions unless noted. Must be complete and turn.

    Cummins 350 Big Cam -$1000
    Cummins 8.3 -$1500
    Cummins M11/N14 Elect. - $900
    Detroit Series 60 Ddec III- $1100
    Detroit Series 60 Ddec IV - $1300-$2000
    Ford 6.0 2003 -$900
    Ford 6.0 2004 -$1000
    Cummins 4BT- $1000
    Ford Brazillian 6.6 or 7.8- $500
    Mack E6-E7 -$1000
    CAT C7-$1500
    CAT 3406(B,C,E) $700-$2000
    CAT C15- $1200-$2900
    Cummins ISX -$1400-$3100

    We also purchase Auto and Truck Transmission Cores

    Instrument Cluster Cores (bought by part number)

    2004-2009 For Mustang - $20-$80
    2000-2001 Buick Lesabre- $15-$45
    2000-2005 Chevy Impala $10-$55
    2001-2005 Chevy Ventue $15-$50
    2002-2005 Chevy Trailblazer/Envoy -$10-$85
    2000-2007 Chevy 1500/Gmc 1500 -$10-$90

    Automotive Turbocharger Cores (No broken fins or shaft play/wobble) - $20 Each for ANY make/model

    Domestic Key Fobs - $2.50 each
    Import Key Fobs - $3.25 each
    OEM Flip Keys - $4.00 each
    Remote Head Keys (ie. Honda, Toyota) - $5.00 each
    Key Fobiks (Dodge, Chrysler) - $7.00 each
    Smart/Proximity Keys - $14.00 each

    Cummins Celect ECM Cores - $225 each
    Cummins Celect+ ECM Cores - $275 each
    Detroit Diesel ECM Cores - $75-$225 each
    Ford FICM Cores - $125
    Cummins Celect Injector Cores- $60 Each
    Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Injector Cores - $75 each
    CAT c7/c9 Injector Cores - $80 each
    CAT 3126 Injector Cores - $80 each
    Cummins ISX Injector Cores - $80 each
    DT466 Maxxforce Injector Cores - $80 each

    We buy many other injector and turbo cores as well as injection pumps. Contact us with any diesel core parts.

    Thank you,


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    Quote Originally Posted by APA View Post
    None of them are accurate. Once you get a price on a converter from for example Belarus, what do you do next? Ship it there?
    If you have enough of them yes you can. We ship long distances.

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