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scrap oxygen sensors wanted - Page 2

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    radical351 started this thread.
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    scrap oxygen sensors wanted

    im looking for oxygen sensors.
    im paying $2.90 lbs i will reimburse shipping on 20 or more pounds. if it is less then i dont and i repeat DONT REIMBURSE SHIPPING
    i have people sending me 3 pounds and i have to pay 12.00 or more in shipping. at this point i am losing money. i hope you can understand.

    the sensors should not have wire, should not be crushed.

    please ship them in a flat rate box with extra support. the box may not handle the weight.
    please use extra tape so it doesnt break in transit.

    once the box arrives i will go thru it to make sure all the sensors are intact, make sure we agree on the weight.
    please include youre contact information. name , phone, email, etc.

    i can use paypal, usps money order to pay you.

    pm me

    the higher ups pm'ed and told me to add another way to contact me so here is my phone number 716-799-3230
    edit and ill reimburse you on shipping. please contact me before shipping

    edit for price adjustment and shipping adjustment 3-23-2016
    ray ward
    325 young street
    tonawanda ny 14150
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    Quote Originally Posted by bogie2929 View Post
    hi was wondering if your still buying o2 sensors and the price thank you
    Might be faster to give them a phone call.

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