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Broad Ethical Issues?

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    Broad Ethical Issues?

    It seems that apart from environmental issues, the greatest in ethical problem in the scrap business is yard owners encouraging or even perpetrating metal theft. (This seems consistent with the sticky in this forum.) So far as I can tell, scrap thieves are often scrap thieves are junkies and lowlifes looking for easy cash, but this sometimes gives scrap yards a bad rep by association. I see that some yards are now positioning themselves as “ethical and professional.” I guess they inspect what they buy more carefully, and they can actually call the cops on you if you bring them stolen stuff. And they won’t buy anything that looks suspish. Can you think of other ethical issues that are common to the scrap industry as a whole? Please share.

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    Historically scrappers adding weight to their loads has been a challenge. One story I heard was big belly trailers that would be filled with water and the water dumped after the magnet took the metal. The scrap yard caught on when the yard became a muddy mess after the third truck dumped.
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