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    Dealers Rule nr1.Never ask 'where its coming from'??

    If you are a Dealer and you want to scare off your most regular sellers just ask them straight out this no no (well at least no no in sellers view)
    'Hey man where is all this gear coming from'?
    Am I right?
    Im not talking wierd Govt looking Utility Cable or two dozen cat convertors
    Im just talking plain ol Stainless Alu Wire etc.
    Many different type dabble in scrap from Hippy Communes to Old Ladies to Kids to Store Owners
    Its not all Boiler Men and Electricians.
    Better not to ask unless its like a F-15 or something ! Yes?

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    i buy scrap all the time..........if it looks shady of course i'm gonna ask

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    yeah mate i ask all the time... my uncles farm is a popular one.
    you know the type, all covered in scabs and talking really fast, or falling over and talking really slow..
    i do have the right to refuse service based on whatever i feel like and wont buy if something is suss.
    but the regulars who talk fast and slow always come back, for obvious reasons

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    I dont like to do anything scrapmetal involving anybody else or anything illegal like theft or 'finding'.

    Involving anybody else comprises me in ways i dont even know about yet. And when i find out, its normally too late & is permanently connected to me even if i had nothing to do with it in the first place.

    I NEVER sell anybody elses metal for them, and i do get asked too. Its a bare faced insult really, they are wanting somebody else to take the punishment for their own bad deeds.

    Something i do like doing is taking found vehicle numberplates into the Police station.
    I took one in last week, it turns out its off a stolen caravan. Gave him the details of where i found it & such. I have never seen that Officer before but he will remember my face. One day that will be usefull.
    Another plate was a YMCA trailer, the Officer later told me that because I "had handed it in & he called them. They were able to still use the trailer that week to tow their canoes for their outdoors education scheme".
    Did that make ne feel good? You bet yah it did.
    Even the Officer was happy to be the bearer of good news for once.

    Another, confirmed that there was a break in into a car, and they would make a phone call to the Insurance company to 'fast track' the Insurance claim.
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