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Fridges full of Trash

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    Fridges full of Trash

    So today I'm in one of the yards I use dumping off a fridge and some other shred, pretty clean stuff. As I always do at the shred pile, I check out all of the other guys loads around me. A few times I've been in the yard, there has been a company (not naming any names) that brings in box truck loads of shred. This time, it was full of appliances and BBQ's. Right as I'm done tossing off my stuff, I look over and these guys are dumping off a fridge from their truck and the doors open. The fridge was full of household trash. No yard employees see it, and I didn't say anything. I wanted to tell the scale guy about what these guys are doing, but I didn't because they were behind me in line.

    I'm just going to say this, and correct me if I'm wrong. If you can't get rid of your trash on your own, you shouldn't be scrapping. Don't cheat the scrap yard, even if it is just shred weight. That just brings the price for all of us down. To me, throwing trash in appliances is just like putting bricks in your shred. It's just not cool.

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    I have forgotton the amount of frdges that I find 1/2 full of 1/2 frozen food...

    Last time was at night so I picked the wrappers off and laid it in a open tray so the seagulls would find it.

    Next morn there wasn't a single scrap left.

    Yeah, I agree and dump on all the guys who say stuff like "put stones in the ali cans for weight.. and.. fill the batterys with water for extra weight...."

    I saw the scrapmetal buyer after he cut open a copper pipe full of nails once. Sold to him by a guy in a suit....
    So I don't trust guys in suits anymore and clean my scrap to the 99.998%

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