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    Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist Horror Stories

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you're all staying safe during these crazy times. With all the doom and gloom I figured an off topic discussion would be a nice distraction.

    Today's topic:
    terrible experiences on facebook marketplace and craigslist as a seller. We've all had that one experience that ranks number one as your worst experience as a seller. I'd love to hear about them so we can all learn in the future on how to avoid similar situations.

    I'll go first.

    I've entirely stopped selling on craigslist at this point, but when I was selling everything there I had someone who was obviously on drugs show up and buy a microwave from me. It was less unpleasant and more just odd, but I guess crackheads need microwaves too.

    Up until recently I've had nothing but good experiences on facebook marketplace. Out of 80 transactions not a single one was bad. Unfortunately, that streak was broken a couple weeks ago when a customer came in to buy a microwave. From the minute they walked in it was nothing but complaining about my prices and warranty. What I had was a 2018 stainless Samsung range microwave with a 30 day warranty for $45. To me and probably anyone else that's an awesome deal. They finally bought the unit, but it didn't end there.

    As soon as I listed my next round of range microwaves I got a message saying the unit they had was "faulty" and they wanted to trade it for one of the ones I just listed. At this point they've had the unit for 10 days and had already installed and were using it for the past 4 days without any problems. I don't like to make assumptions, but the timing was too convenient for their unit and I quote "the buttons stopped working n stuff". Unfortunately the units I had listed sold within a few days. I told them that I didn't have a swap unit available and to have them bring it in and I can either fix it again or give them a refund. At this point the whining and demands started coming in. "Well we're not going to bring this in until you have a replacement for us" and "it was a pain to put this unit up and we don't want to take it down". I reminded them that they had 30 days to bring the unit in, and after that no refund which only made things worse. After explaining in extreme detail why I needed the unit back they finally just said "we're going to buy one from someone else and you can come take this one down before your deadline". The funny thing is less than 20 minutes after that was sent they immediately changed their tone and starting being polite again which makes me think they weren't able to find another nice microwave on marketplace. Needless to say, once their warranty is up they're going on my blocked list.

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    I had a thread a few months ago about some of my experiences. In summary, people are all the worst, and I no longer will sell anything (in person) unless its an easy sell and > $50

    Ebay sales I dont mind as long as they are profitable, I dont need to deal with anyone. Scrapping I dont need to deal with anyone, and selling to people on here I dont need to deal with anyone. I much prefer it that way.

    My 2 situations we 2 different people, at 2 different times, on the same days, ghosted me even after confirming that they would be at the meeting spot earlier in the day. wasted like 2 hours of my life for nothing. Never again.

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