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    Quote Originally Posted by eesakiwi View Post
    I have a sack of IC chips, about 25 Kgs. The flatpacks & the normal legged chips have been seperated.
    The BGA chips, ball grid arrays, with the tiny Gold-plated corner on them are seperated but not involved in this.

    Im thinking to just incinerate them and pan the Gold wires out of the chip dies and the Copper legs & carbon dust mix.
    Is this a better idea?
    I did try the whole Gold refining with HCL Acids etc & still have several gallons of Green HCL & nothing to show for my time & effort. I couldn't get Nitric acid at the time.
    I have come to the conclusion ( like others told me i would. GRF ) that its just too dangerous & time consuming & $ wasting for even the above average person to attempt.
    And that only people with proper experience in the arts & fields should attempt After proper instruction.
    With the caveats that the first attempt is never going to pay its way, the 2nd might, the 3rd should.

    Ie, 99.9998 of the population should never even attempt refining.
    Just add some scrap iron to the green copper solution, the copper will cement out.

    From my private file stash have made Hokes books open for download for the next ten days.

    Testing Precious Metals

    Refining Precious Metals Wastes.

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