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Dangerous And Stupid Scrapping

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    Exclamation Dangerous And Stupid Scrapping

    Properer education is key to success when scrapping - even more important is learning what is dangerous and can hurt or kill you.
    This video is one of the most dangerous things I have seen in a while - if that guy would have broken the pink ceramic insulator, he could have very easily ended up dead at 9:04 or electrocuted himself at 4:40

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    Did you see him scrap the CRT??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimicrk View Post
    Did you see him scrap the CRT??

    Not yet, but I don't know if I want to either...

    Well he's got one thing going for him, he's using a long bit on a battery drill, that's been real handy for me,
    I can just hold the drill with my right hand & guide the bit with my left & because it's so long I can be guiding it right thru whatever I'm working on.
    I dunno why he undid the 4 screws under it, that holds the base on the box, and he took the cover of real badly.
    If he undid the screws properly all he had to do was lift the top side rear edge up & it would slip out of the tabs at the front & come off without distorting it.
    Hitting anything sheet metal with a hammer ( or axe/hatchet ) that way is guaranteed to end up slicing your hand or arm quite badly, quite quickly
    Expressly if it's Stainless Steel sheet.

    I take that little motor under the bottom out when I'm undoing the covers screws, I need a flat blade screwdriver to snap the holding tabs for the metal plate Cover, undo the screws for the motor, flip that metal plate over & it's got some tabs that will lock it in place, and screw in a random screw into the hole to hold it in place.
    I didn't see him ndo the screws hold the transformer in place, I nights missed that, but it was still locked in place when he took the cover off, = double work.

    He also said "There's Magnesium" in the fan motor. I take the fan blade off & bash it beside the shaft to crush it a bit & the Iron core slides out then, then slip that out of the plastic bobbin, tear a end off that and pull the Copper wire off,, winding it around some other Copper wire, like the 2 bits from the Magnetron.

    Then i bash the plastic connector on the box into the casing, then when I remove the face plate like he did, I pull the Magnetron out, that stretches the wires, then a back n forth bending snaps the 2 wires at the block.

    He says the two Ferrite slugs inside the wires is Magnesium too, weird, they are magnetic.So it's Iron.

    He says the Capacitors a Solenoid, it's not. The capacitor does have a 'Bleed resistor' ( little black or grey rectangle block with a wire connected to each terminal on the capacitor ) on it.. Unless it's been plugged in very recently it's not going to hold a electrical charge.
    CRT TV's & audio amplifiers capacitors will hold a electrical charge for a while, possibly power supplys of many sorts as well.

    Motherboards? In anything that's not a computer? Umm.

    The Magnetron. Not all Magnetron have Berillium in them, but you should assume it has. They do have ( slightly ) radioactive Thorium in one end inside it. It won't glow in the dark, in fact TIG welding electrodes have Thorium in them for the same reason ( emitter )
    The ceramics safe if it's not broken, inhaling the dust might give you bad lungs in a couple of decades, maybe less. It might likely kill you slowly.

    Not worth the 35 cents of Copper in there. Just save them up in a sealed bucket while finding out who will buy it.
    The radioactivity might set off your scrap yards nuclear bomb detector, so I don't suggest you should take them there without asking first. Their paperwork involved at that point might get you banned too.

    The transformer? It's so simple to bash off the end of it & hammer the 'E' out of the coils with a metal punch.

    I then put the case back on after removing all of the plastic, screw it back in place with some screws & use it to hold random small bits of Steel metal & screws springs & flat go inside the oven part. I screw the door back on with 2 self tapping screws I get from the 4 screws that hold the CRT tube band onto the plastic facia.

    Oh, and wear gloves, safety glasses and importantly Earmuffs. Earmuffs let you concentrate on the job involved, it also let's you give it that little bit more effort that you wouldn't have given it if you unconsciouslly hold back because of the noise.
    You might think that 'You get used to the noise '. Nah. That's also called "Going deaf"
    Even the slightest metal against metal noise kills your hearing, any hammer noise deafinatly does, even if you don't think it does. One day you will wake up with a ringing in your ears & it will never go away. Ever.
    I wear ear plugs at any music concert & ear protection on any job where I could be exposed to loud noises.

    Off to find his other video.
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    what he refers to as alum breakage at 10:25-26 is not all alum- the outer fins are alum but the chunky block of metal under it is mostly copper

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    Greg Zazis, The Dream Car, has plenty of youtube videos chocked full of enthusiasm and cringy moments. Newbies in the scrap world should watch his videos so they can learn how not to scrap.

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    I haven't watched the posted video yet, but after reading these previous posts I want to watch it just to see how cringy it is. I rarely ever take in a CRT device anymore, but if I do, I always use a dedicated ground wire (grounded to my server rack in turn grounded to the ground in my main breaker) to discharge any power left in the capacitors. I know these capacitors in microwaves don't hold charges long. They are simply there to keep the power at a certain level, and prevent it from dropping below a certain level. Inside is usually mineral or vegetable oil with some nice aluminum sheet and paper insulation (burns nicely!) I don't usually mess with the magnetron, but now having learned it can be slightly radioactive will deter me from ever thinking about opening it. Thanks for the post!

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    I've usually liked his older stuff where he just finds things curb patrolling and takes it in and dances around with his money in the end. Perhaps he should stay on that side of the scrapping world...

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