Gawd I hate days like this when everything goes wrong.

Found out the hard way the Kubota V2203 has a twin sister that shares nothing with the first born.

The direct injection diesel ( first gen ) is far superior engine, when first introduced was simply named V2203 but has since become known as the V2203 DI for direct injection while the ugly sister was introduced from the factory as a V203 IDI for indirect injection. This was done to meet environmental issues which have now become my issues. The latter IDI engine is referred to as a Tier 4 engine.

Tier 4 engines are junk, the pre-combustion chambers built into the cylinder heads crack, nuff said.

Also the Tier 4 engine block has been redesigned, no parts interchange.

To the point a first gen Kubota V2203 will not fit into my Satoh S650G tractor, this project calls for the indirect injection diesel which I refuse to waste my hard earned pension money on.

Now I have a good running first gen Kubota V2203 listed for sale.

I may end up being glad that I purchased that pair of Toro mowers, the larger one had a Mitsubishi diesel.

The Mitsubishi flywheel is half an inch to large in diameter to fit inside the tractor bell housing, thinking maybe get some fresh heavy steel plate then using the metal lathe make a new flywheel and machine it to accept the Satoh ring gear.

Need to take some measurement with that new 12 inch vernier caliper that came in the mail a few weeks ago..