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Saturation and recycling retail

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    Saturation and recycling retail

    Im finding little categories of used goods coming my way.
    Lamps here,mirrors there,keyboards there.....
    they can then all by bundled up and sold dirt cheap in lots to the highest bidder.
    Most are in good working order.
    Retailers who rely on built oin obsolesence and throw away culture must hate me!
    The out buildings look like a branch of Walmart!
    All this puts pressure on retailers who cannot compete.
    For example a new house plug round our way can be bought new for $2-3 for one.
    Im offering boxes of perfectly useable ones of 50 such plugs for the same price post free!
    They have had very little use and many look brand new.
    Computer keyboards USB are like $1 each now.
    Stacks and stacks of the **** things.
    Its actually more economic to cut off the lead and sell that!And throw the keyboard
    every DVD or book now that comes out mass produced at $20 drops to $5 the day after its read in 30 minutes.
    With any luck itll be bid up to very near the $20 you paid.
    People will bid to save $5
    Soon the whole market is flooded with folks exchanging copies & the market drops to pennies
    The local libary wants $5 for a reserve card and theres a 6 month wait
    if its still in print.
    To travel to a branch is like $10 return on the bus.
    You can buy it on E bay next day for $5 and resell it for $10 with luck
    Crazy world

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