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    Quote Originally Posted by kss View Post
    Ah, gotcha. That does make it less of a deal.

    4 months of rent at $897(1500-603)/profit/month = $3588 profit.... but taking out the 8 months that it wouldnt rent that you are paying lot rent on it $3588-$4824= $-1236/yr (and thats before taxes or anything going wrong that youd have to fix).... so yea in that case it was good to sell it.

    Seems like lot rent is the real killer here... gotta buy some land and put the trailers there lol

    Theres always a catch lol
    If it looks too good to be true. This is almost as bad as gold blindness.

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    t00nces2 started this thread.
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    Got the check for 18K tonight! I have to say I am so stoked looking at that check! Gonna be a nice dinner out on that one.

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