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Ways to get "More than scrap value"

| More than Scrap Value
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    Ways to get "More than scrap value"

    Hey scrappers!
    I was wondering if you guys have ways of making more from your electronics or scrap in general.
    What you have, how you value it higher? Let me know in the comments bellow.

    I the mean while I will show one of my ways to get more than scrap value. In the video below I am diagnosing a dead laptop and trying a repair. Of course the reason is to get the laptop up and running and to be sold as a laptop.
    If I had success? Take a look

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    Parting out anything for parts will always generate more than the raw scrap value. My specialty is parting transmissions and selling the parts. I buy transmissions from salvage yards, salvage what I can, then scrap the rest. I also often buy overstock used parts from automotive businesses like transmission shops as well as other scrappers, then sort through what i get picking out what I can resell at a higher price, then scrap the rest.

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    We purchase laptop computers and many components for greater than scrap value. We offer a shipping reimbursement program.replies

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    Old thread, but this.

    Scrap should always be your baseline, or "Worst case scenerio". If you can get more for anything as a whole, great! If not, can you sell parts of it? If not, can you sell the non-working assembly to someone for more than scrap? If so, do those before you scrap anything
    More than Scrap Value Shipment Tips:

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    Thanks for sharing the video. My hands are to big and brain to small to work on computers. I specialize in turning scrap machinery and tools into western fixtures and art. It is more for entertainment that profitability.
    Give back more to this world than we take.

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