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Lcd tv

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    Lcd tv

    Could someone please help me understand what's involved with scrapping an LCD TV?
    I found a newer 34" lcd tv (with a cracked screen) out at the dumpster today and need advice of what to do. I have great common sense when it comes to disassembling electronics an recognizing metal like motherboard cpu's and pin connectors with gold. I'm concerned about getting lead poisoning from taking it apart. I guess the main question that anyone wants to know is ABOUT how much could one get from taking out the metals and bringing it to a scrap yard? Or will they even take it. Should I take it to an electronics dealer instead to sell for parts? Is Ebay an even better option? Or is it not worth my troubles? Thanks for any response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris Kringle View Post
    I Would like to Help you mike But I cant Spoon Feed you info If you not willing to look for it on the Forum There is a Search Function on here where you could find the Info you are looking for.

    Oh yeah Nice Introduction welcome to the Forum
    Hey MDG gotta smoke I could bum...How bout a light...Oh and a kick in the chest and I'll be set.

    Welcome to the forum Mike78 tell us a little about yourself.
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    Welcome to the forum....I would not scrap it but sell it for parts. You can make more money in the long run but there is not a ton of worth (as of scrap) in them lcd screens.

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