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    Old cast iron motosr and how to tell cast iron from steel ?

    I'm new to the forum so bear with me.
    I had a couple of engine blocks I tore down pulled the crankshafts out and rods and pistons because they are still usable.
    Question I have is what do you do with the cylinder heads ?
    Do you remove the valves and springs so you can get clean cast iron prices for the srap?
    I have a cast iron pile I am putting together old rotors, engine blocks, and would like to get the clean cast iron price when I go to the scrap yard.
    Another question, is there a way to tell cast iron from forged steel ?
    I did try sparking and viewing the color of the sparks, but the sparks were orange in color on the steel and also the cast iron. Could not tell a difference, is there another way to distinguish between the two?
    I'm hearing steel is 200.00 per ton.
    And Cast Iron is 300.00 per ton.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Check with your yard, but usually #1 Iron, Cast Iron and Motor prices (includes heads and blocks) are the same or very close - so close that unless I've got a couple tons of the higher valued stuff, it's not worth the hassle to keep separate. I often can just throw blocks (and heads), Cast and #1 together.

    To tell Cast from Steel - Cast will break but not bend (hence the term "Cast"); Steel will bend before it breaks. Both will throw sparks.
    People may laugh at me, but that's ok. I laugh all the way to the bank.

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