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    PM recovery from Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) fluff

    Check out this Facebook post from the owner of Upstate Shredding / Ben Weitsman. They have installed equipment never used in the scrap metal industry that will extract PMs from ASR fluff. Hopefully Adam is serious about giving tours and I can make it over there to see this and many other new systems (micro fines recovery, heavy media separation, etc.) that he has recently installed.

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    It's in the bag, the EPA mandates that shredders and hammer mills be equipped with a dust collection system the precious metals as fines end up in the bag house. This is what a bag house looks like, to the left in the image is a large cyclone.

    The cyclone removes the heavier material while the finer dust is passed over to the bag house, the precious metals are then recovered then refined from the recovered dust.

    My hammer mill has a cyclone in the circuit but no bag house.

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    Precious Metals Automobiles besides the converter nothing there lol

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