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How do you scrap an old analog TV?

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    How do you scrap an old analog TV?

    I'll be removing 2 or 3 and need advice. Thanks, Jim

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    Here is how I do it, no doubt others will do so differently.

    ***Safety glasses & leather gloves are a must***

    Tools required: Side cutter plyers with good rubber coated grips, screwdriver or nutdriver, hammer.

    1) Clip main power wire where it penetrates the case. Save.

    2) Remove all screws that that hold case together, open shell.

    3) Beware the pink or red wire that connects to the side of the picture tube! When you cut or unplug it, you will likely get a high voltage zap, even if the unit has been unplugged for a year! See here:
    3a) Have friend record video of you cutting flyback transformer wire and post it on Youtube.

    4) Unplug small circuit board from top of picture tube, clip off all the wires close to board, save board.

    5) Remove main circuit board, clip or unplug wires, save board & wire.

    6) Tap to break skinny end of picture tube. After vacuum is equalized, smack yoke sideways with hammer to break it off. Save yoke.

    7) Cut & save thick black-tape covered copper wire around base of picture tube.

    8) Remove speakers.

    Throw out plastic case and picture tube, if doing so is lawful in your location.

    Hints: If you can find a buyer for the entire circuit boards, sell them as is. Otherwise you have to strip them down to components.
    Rabbit ear antenna & coax connectors are brass.
    Smash the yoke to obtain the copper wire, the broken ferrite is sharp and can cut you. The ferrite can be sold as scrap steel, just toss it in your steel pile.

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    If you want to avoid breaking the glass like I do, on the yoke there are 2 screw clamps that hold the yoke to the glass, undo these, take the metal clamps off, grab yoke and twist. It should twist off... I've only had one not come off for me.

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    If you do smash the glass, there's a little aluminum piece at the very end of the glass. But then once you do smash the glass, your chance of getting cut goes up about 100%,
    for a 5 cent piece of aluminum. Also if you smash the entire thing (don't reccomend it) there is a light little piece of steel mesh/steel cone inside with 4 little pieces of copper at the edges. Safety glasses a MUST yes totally agree.
    I generally snip smash and strip the larger inductors off the boards before selling the boards to the scrapyard.
    Dont put too much time into a TV, you're probably only going to make 5$ or so off it. Once the yoke is off, that's 80% of your money. Give it a single hit with a sledgehammer to smash the ferrite frame, and pull the #1 copper off.(#2 if you cant get the glue clay crap off)
    The degaussing cable (taped black wire loop around tube) is real easy to strip.
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    Put the yoke inside a plastic bag before smashing it. It keeps a lot of the mess contained. Analog TVs are pretty much the same as a normal tv
    There's nothing more fun and more effective than hitting something repeatedly with a sledgehammer

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    pull the #1 copper off.
    Murt,Isn't that considered #2 clean because it is varnished inside that yoke?? It's awful reddish colored. Doesn't look like normal #1 clean.

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