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Reminder About Non Metal items

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    Reminder About Non Metal items

    There is alot of money in old wood old doors anything old you can put on craigslist and sell
    Theres talk on here about burning down a old house lol thats like burning cash money

    any questions about old wood just pv me
    Just a heads up for you guys!!

    Get outtta here you scrapper

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    I totally agree. I've been into all sorts of scrapping and deconstruction rates near the top. I'm working now on a smallish 20x25 cabin that was built about 80 years ago. It is built from mostly old growth lumber. Walls inside and out are heavy ship lapped lumber. All framing is full dimension lumber. This one happened to have aluminum roofing and lots of wire inside and scrap wire and brass in a pile outside. Total scrap metal from the place was close to $500. I only work it 2-3 hours per day and always bring home $150 to $250 in lumber value each day. Some is worth more than current retail because of its age, being old growth, 1/4 sawn, etc. I've posted some pix and will be adding more text and videos at:

    I've also got more articles on deconstruction at:

    Good Luck,


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