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Scrap metal and more

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    Scrap metal and more

    I mostly deal with scrap metal, but from time to time I cannot resist picking up other valuable things that have worth. I live in a suburbia infested area, and finding only scrap metal doesn't always happen.

    Here are 3 things I do in addition to scrapping..

    Garage Sales- If you have the possible clientele for this to be profitable, it may be worth it. I typically find clothes, household goods, furniture, even metal that is in working condition, re-usable. I typically have a garage sale every other weekend.

    Book Resale Shops- Here we have Half Price Books. They buy used books from the general public. I'll usually pick up books anytime I see them.

    eBay- Sometimes, because I live in a well populated area, I tend to find little oddities that have value too. I typically sell these things on eBay.

    Tax Credit (if applicable)
    Libraries accept used books and in return you can ask for tax papers that may help you with end of the year taxes.
    Donation Stores also give tax papers in exchange of "goods".

    Just some things to think about, especially if you have the means to do so. A little extra cash can't hurt!

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    I don't bother with garage sales. I put anything valuable on craigslist.
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