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    Needed to compact my aluminium...No problem!

    Afternoon all.

    So after scrapping my 500 KW generator (thanks for the help on that one, all!) I had some aluminium in many random chunks, and some wiring (Which I THOUGHT was AL). Since bringing 50 lbs to alum to the scrap yard is barely worth it, and a PITA in many random sized pieces, I decided to give melting it up a go.

    Using stuff laying around the garage (minus the refractory material), I built and modded up my furnace. Was a very fun process, including the burns and the spilling of my very first full crucible :P

    I do believe I have fallen into the rabbit hole...I'm going to have some fun with this! My goal is to melt down some copper, and now I'm contemplating casting some brass hilts and handles for my forged shop knives and splitting axes.

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