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    600 KW oil Burner. Perfect for melting down whole engines or whole cars even! :0)

    I have been working on a new setup to get more power out of my burners. 1L of oil a minute or 600Kw has been a goal for some time and I have finally got there. I have been using these burners a bit recently to separate the aluminum from steel and other metal in car parts. A monster like this will allow whole engines to be melted down in under 5 minutes I reckon.

    Here's a preview of the burner running.

    I'll edit the full vid and get it up in the next couple of days.

    I did a flow test on the fuel before the run and measured the consumption afterwards to confirm the output. As soon as I opened the fuel right up and it ran without going rich or smoking, I knew what I had achieved. Things like mag wheels, aluminum manifolds and other parts with copper like alternators and starters will be no challenge for this waste oil burning free heat monster especially in something like a basic brick furnace where the heat can be concentrated.
    My smaller burners take the aluminum off those in minutes now and this burner is double what I have done before.

    The best bit is, it gets rid of all the old oil and fluids that come from the cars when we wreck them and burns totally clean to boot. I can fire this thing up and run it and it emits less smoke than BBQing some meat on a gas Grill.

    I'll get the full vid up in the next couple of days to show the full setup and the fuel measurement.

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