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    CD,DVD,CDR,DVD-R,DVD-RAM MEDIA what to actually do with them

    Hi everyone,

    I have been collecting CD and DVD media as in the discs themselves not the readers/drives. I have been looking for a clear answer to the question "what metals do they contain?" for a long time. Searching on this forum is a nightmare because hits talk mostly about the drives. I came across a post a few months ago with semi useful info but can't find it anymore.
    So what i (so fa)r think I know about it is that most music CDs and pressed CD-ROMs that look silvery are most probably aluminum and thus worthless in the sense of extracting metals. CDR, DVD-/+R and RW can be silver or silver alloy and even gold if you have old ones that look gold. There's a video on youtube of a guy extracting the metal from a bunch of CDs and ending up with a blob of something that he jokingly calls silver.
    So .... is there anyone here that was actually involved in the production of CD media or has experience extracting metals from CDs? And IS there a way of visually sorting them? I mean the silver and aluminum ones?

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    Basically, they're all made of a very thin sheet of aluminum encased in plastic. Colors are just added dyes: By the way, we used to have a large music cd manufacturing plant a hour away from here. It has closed about 10 years ago after record business went down. I would rather spend more time with hard drives than CD / DVD / CDR... I guess that recovering metals from CD would be as hard as recycling potato chips bags or Tetrapak and recovered quantity of aluminum will all be very small for the efforts put in that project.

    NEW TO SCRAPPING? READ THIS: Build up your horde of magnetic and non-magnetic metals in two piles until you have a better understanding of the business. Magnetic material has low value and is mostly always steel / shred / short iron. Read old threads about non-magnetic metals and ewaste (and how to sort them), but don't forget that they generally have absolutely no tolerance for contamination (screw / iron / foreign material).

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