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Green Horn Sirting on a pile of Electronics

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    Green Horn Sirting on a pile of Electronics

    Hello to everyone on the forum. I'm brand new at this game and I'm very interested in learning how to be a better scrapper. I stumbled upon a yard sale left over with a ton of DVD players VCRs computers radios stereos and more. I've got hard drives DVD readers and burners and a lot of little electronic Mike Maxx. I know the obvious things like scrapping the wire and take me out of aluminum but I'm wondering what is the best way to get my money's worth for scrapping electronics. Are the motherboards worth anything are the Transformers worth anything or the capacitors worth anything at cetera. I looked through the electronic scrap forum and I didn't get the answers I wanted so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to SMF from the Dakota's. I am an newbie to ewaste. Searching the forum has provided valuable information, but a lot more of information is still in the old threads. Good luck to you and your endeavor.
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    There is a lot of stuff out of computers worth money, it just depends just how far you want to break stuff down. About the only things that have boards worth money are computers, satellite receivers, cell phones, printers (pain in the a$$). I'm sure other people will chime in with other things also. I like the satellite dishes that everyone seems to throw out. The amp has a nice (usually) gold plated board in them. The only drawback is they have around 25-30 screws holding them in. That's why the first sentence.

    It's like everything else scrap wise, it takes lots of volume to make some money. VCR's, home stereos, tv's, all have brown boards in them, only worth .05-.10 a lb. Pull the obvious stuff to recycle and save up to sell. Usually any double green boards (green both sides) have some value, from .25 - 2.00 a lb. Not to mention all the little gold tidbits you will run across. I throw them into my OMG jar.

    All this and more is in the electronic section, you have to be prepared to do a lot of reading. It will enlighten you if you really want it. We will take your hand and guide you the right way but we don't spoon feed people info.

    Ps- there's a few threads having to do with saving tantalum capacitors but you'll have to read up yourself as there's too much info for me to put back up here. If you find something that interests you enough to read then look down at the bottom and there should be other threads that are similar. Please make an intro as that will help us help you by knowing more about you.
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    Ditto what was said above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RecycleMonger View Post
    I looked through the electronic scrap forum and I didn't get the answers I wanted ...
    Keep looking.
    First, learn about what you have. Second, learn about what you don't have. Third, learn about what you want.

    We never find what we “want” without a little effort and "answers" come far and few between. I’m new at this too and still learning right along with you. Good luck
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