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    Low grade/Brown boards vs Mid to high grade Green boards

    yes, I know there are tons of threads on boards but, one question I can't find answered exactly is this - some mid grade green boards look to have the same items as low grade brown boards so what exactly is maybe ''more of value'' on a green board vs a low grade brown board?

    I can see obviously that the small brown ones that come off of tv tubes dont have much but maybe a small copper residual left to recover correct?

    some large brown boards that come out of lets say, flat screen and projection tvs and vcrs look to have the exact same items on them as the green boards that come out of the same items.

    So, is the quality of those same exact items of a lessor value? Like, IC chips, capacitors, and all the other cant recall the names of items on the boards! I guess thats what I'm asking.

    both types of boards have solder on one side, both usually have metal/aluminum/copper bearing that needs removed.
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    a picture here might be worth a thousand words ; )

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    usually the board is going to be thicker and have more copper in a green board

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