Hi yall! Texas businessman here. I have a passion for melting metal. Indubitably, it led me for a keen eye and passion for collecting material to feed my addiction. Luckily, I oversee quite a few industrial construction sites where the customer also asks me to get rid of old equipment such as transformers, old cable and bussing, etc. I joined this community to see if there were any good leads to possibly help one another out in a profitable way. I sometimes haul away more than I can possibly use personally and hire a 30 truck to haul all materials to the scrapyard, which seems wasteful to me. Im sure there are passionate and more needful people out there. ( nothing against truckers either!) Im also interested in tops on how to quickly dismantle an industrial transformer! I like a good workout like the next guy but Im in my 40s now and would prefer to sip my whiskey while I watch my son do it! Lol any recommendations on cool power tools for dismantling, Im all ears!