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    How to be Scrap Metal Sales Agent??

    Dear all,

    I want to be a Metal Scrap Sales Agent but I don't have any experience for that?

    Can I ask if what are the basic steps to be a metal scrap sales agent?

    What do I need first, find suppliers then find them buyers or find buyers first then find them suppliers?

    And how to know if suppliers or buyers are perfectly reliable or genuine?

    Please help me, I need answers for these!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    What do you know about being a sales agent for anything? What do you know about scrap metal in general?

    First, you would need to be able to identify a SELLER of scrap metal and a BUYER of scrap metal.

    Perhaps the best thing to do would be to become a supplier yourself. Drink a six pack of beer, crush the cans, find the yard in your area that will buy all your cans for the most money, and go there and sell all your cans to them. Look to see what else the yard buys that you could bring in (don't load heavy things the yard won't buy... for instance, several deer that have been hit by cars would be very heavy, but they probably won't be on the list of things they will buy and the work involved in loading and unloading the dead deer will probably be a source of frustration). Look to see what others bring to the yard to sell. Remember the process and try to improve your remuneration from the yard.

    Look at the people who are bringing scrap metals to the yard. These people are reliable, genuine SELLERS of scrap metals. Try to differentiate those people from people who seldom go to the yard to sell scrap metal. You will also be in a good position to watch closely who exactly they carry the scrap metal to. If they have scrap metal on a truck or trailer, and they talk to a person and then unload (that means they go through the trouble to take all the stuff they took the trouble to pile onto their truck or trailer, OFF<---- That part is very important, if they don't take it OFF, that is not the right person!), THAT person is a reliable and genuine BUYER of scrap metals.

    Now, there are basically two ways to become an agent here.... You can go down the street and meet with the people who have trailers and trucks full of scrap metal (SELLERS) and offer to buy the stuff from them so you can take their load and transport it from there to the yard to sell the scrap you just purchased from to the person you had previously identified as a BUYER, or you could let them know that you want to be their agent and are familiar with the yard right down the street, and for a small fee, you will point to the previously identified BUYER when they get there.

    Best of luck
    You're welcome.

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    Lots of industry buyers/sellers come from sales backgrounds with little to no scrap metal experience. Getting hired as a buyer with neither scrap nor sales experience would be a challenge and I don't see it happening. With other sales experience though keep your eyes open for "buyer" opportunities. If you mean you want to be a scrap broker that requires strong knowledge of smelters, mills and more as well as deep industry connections. Starting out as a broker is exceedingly unlikely.

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    Step 1, find out how much you can get for various scrap that you can sell
    Step 2, buy scrap for less than that amount
    Step 3, sell for a profit

    Also works for things other than scrap like cars, computers, shoes, collectibles, etc... there is nothing super special about buying/selling scrap. Just gotta get buyers, sellers, and enough knowledge to make a profit.

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