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Looking to sell a LOT of trucks

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    Looking to sell a LOT of trucks

    Hi folks, I joined this group because I'm working on a deal where I may acquire hundreds of tractor trailer trucks and parts. I'm located in eastern NC, and I'm researching options on how to sell them off. I'm looking into scrapping, wholesale, and selling individual items. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    Richie Bros Auction

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    I will buy the scrap catalytic converters. I may be able to help with aluminum rims, batteries, radiators, and certain core parts.

    878-207-6242 Tom

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    If your trying to get the most out of scrap trucks and moving huge volumes look into core buyers for at least the engine and trans and what ever else APA mentioned. some of the engines alone can bring in as much money as the rest of the truck if you sell to a core buyer. they aren't hard to get out either. as long as you got an assortment of sockets and a crane/forklift of some sorts. if you are scrapping them out mostly (i don't know the condition of what your getting) but theres alot of #1 HMS in the frames and rear ends. if your cutting them up where your at, getting a plasma cutter set up with either electric or on a generator in your case a diesel one would be alot cheaper than using oxyfuel. the reason i say in your case a diesel generator is because you can take the fuel right out of the trucks your cutting up and run your set up for the cost of a quart of oil every 100 or so hours and a few nozzles and tips for the torch. Hypertherm is what i would recommend looking into for your plasma. if you go that way. 45xp would be big enough for most things on most trucks

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