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    Hi all! Part-time scrapper from DC, just joined forum.

    Hey everyone, Im new to the forum. Im in college working on my undergraduate degree in geology. Im very much the starving student and scrap whatever i can to make a little extra. Hoping Ill learn some tips and tricks to find more valuable scrap and get more cash for what i already get.


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    You live in a very densely populated area with one of the highest income per capita in the US. The world is yours!

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    Welcome to the University of SMF. If your college experience is anything like mine, you will be able to live high on the hog just recycling beer cans. One of the best pieces of advice here is "better than scrap value." You could make a fortune selling documents off politicians discarded computers. Sell Democratic computers to the Republicans and vis versa. Not everyone in Washington has the resources Hillary does. Just kidding and good luck.
    Give back more to this world than we take.

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