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Scrapping out a Burnt House

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    Scrapping out a Burnt House

    I just got a call from a church member about their 2.5 story house that caught fire. They are demoing the whole thing down to the ground. I am cutting Copper Pipe and all the Romex, removing appliances, light fixtures, gutters, aluminum fascia and trim. Is there any other items I should take out. I Will also be removing the water heater, cast iron pipe work etc.

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    Windows and frames frames including exterior and bathroom sliding doors (extruded/6063 aluminum), doorknobs, circuit breaker box and any aluminum or copper wiring from it, any electronics from tvs to computers to phones, metal kitchenware like utensils, pans and mixing bowls, ceiling fans. If has attached garage also being demoed look for tools, bikes, sporting equipment like baseball bats or golf clubs, lawn chairs and more. Am sure there's a lot of stuff am forgetting

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    Solid wooden doors, solid wooden trim work, cabinets, ss sinks ( not as scrap ), hardwood floors, mirrors, wooden stair banisters, wooden railing, certain stone/ceramic tiles, glass bricks, whole wooden windows in-frame ( and the window weights )
    Edit: mercury switches out of thermostats can also get a couple $ each.

    I did a post a long time ago on my experience recovering wood from old houses. A lot of valuable stuff gets destroyed.

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