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    New Member from Africa

    Greetings everyone. I am Mayowa and a new addition to this family. Looking forward to a most eventful and fulfilling collaboration with all other members here.

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    Welcome to SMF from the mid-west of the U.S. Please feel free to share experiences. It is great to get the perspective from another part of the world. You will make a lot of friends quickly, if you provide pictures of your adventures. Good luck.
    Give back more to this world than we take.

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    Welcome..... Ummm any chance you know that Nigerian Prince I helped a couple months back get all that money through the email he sent me. Seemed like a nice guy but disappeared after he got his money. Thought that was odd. Anyway tell him to call me when he gets a chance. In the meantime what part of Africa are you from? Its a big continent.

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