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APA, we do not have a website because we mainly just purchase Hard Drives. Been in this 20 years and we built a nice list up over the years. Of course naturally over the years people and the smaller companies withered away and we had to search for new sources to help with what we needed. So now we are on our journey searching, which led me here to the forum.
For whatever it's worth:

It seems like the landscape is changing with advancements in computer technology. It makes you wonder about the viability of HDD's in the future.

A lot of the stuff out these days doesn't have a HDD at all. It's just a small data storage chip soldered to the mainboard of the device. Not all that different than the inside of a thumb drive. 32 - 128 Gb of storage is far more than enough for a device that automatically backs up to the cloud.

That might be one reason why the smaller companies gradually withered away ? Diminishing supply ? Rapidly dwindling profits ?

I doubt that HDD's will ever completely exit the scene but it might become difficult to be a company that specializes in just one thing. You might have to diversify and develop other income streams in order to keep the business profitable.

You know ... adapt to a changing environment ?

Last i knew ... DDR 4 memory is slated to make it's mainstream debut sometime in 2019. I don't think i would get too heavily invested in anything that has a data transfer rate less that 6 gb/sec. The older stuff is likely to be rendered obsolete.

Anyway .... welcome to the forum ... best of luck !