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    Thank you, admin, for the nice welcome message, it's always good to be wanted, but not surprising from a scrappers forum lol. Y'all will take almost (or is it all) anything. I am a retired, disabled veteran, and my wife and I have just started scrapping. We got into this by accident, helping a friend can and next thing I know, I'm eyeball-deep in scrappable material. I know admin said that everybody will be willing to help,and we appreciate that in advance. I think my first order of business will be to just READ all information that has just been made available to me here. Then we can ask smart questions (I know, the military says there are only dumb questions. . Again thanks.

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    Welcome. I do hope you enjoy your new hobby and upcoming education
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    Welcome to the forum. You hit the nail on the head with read the old threads. I have benefited from the education here and putting it into use.

    I started scrapping while still on dialysis and eventually got a kidney transplant. Now I concentrate on selling computers and parts of them. There is still scrap involved but I had to expand my knowledge along the way. This forum is where I learned what I know about all the above.

    Bye the way I have been retired 20 years this past February. 73 Mike GySgt USMC Ret.
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