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Hello from the Pacific northwest

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    Hello from the Pacific northwest

    Hi. I am new to the scraping game. Great site here, I have visited a few times in the past but lately I have been spending more time here so I decided to sign up. I am more interested in refining of precious metals and have been a member of GRF for awhile. Unfortunately my source of karat gold dried up last year and that has lead me to look more closely at ewaste, which leads to "what do I do with all this scrap", which leads to a site like SMF.
    Last week I spoke with a local PC repair shop. He had a guy that used to get his scrap but that guy doesn't do it any more so it looks like I will be able to fill that void. I guess I will be a part time scrapper soon.
    Thank you to everyone that takes their time to make this site work.

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction. Check out the Buyers and Sellers section for locations, price lists, shipping information and reviews.

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    Greetings from Chicago. As advised, check out the buyers section, there you will find the greatest group of buyers anywhere. Most always better pricing than local yards, even when figuring shipping in. Also you should read the old e-waste post and then read them again, just in case you missed something. I see you used to be into GRF, but here we only really talk scrap, no pun intended. Happy scrapping
    Cleaning up the e-waste one company at a time

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