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    Hi Guys, just joined SMF and looking forward to increasing my knowledge in the scrap recovery business. My main focus is buying then selling catalytic converters. I'm new to this game as I lost my leg to botched surgery and now need to find a new career path. I live near Toronto, Canada in a place called Peterborough. My plans are to travel east looking for CATS to buy and then resale them. I'm sure joining SMF will help me in my new venture. Just want to wish all a great day and success in scrapping Pete

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    Welcome to the forum. Keep reading the old threads. You will learn about many recycling activities that do not pertain to your current business but you will likely find other ways to may money. I started in one area, breaking down electric motors and now I do ewaste, which requires lots of different piles of scrap. 73, Mike

    PS When I started I was on dialysis and started because I really needed something to occupy my time and do some physical rehab. I've since received a kidney so my life has changed greatly. Mike
    "Profit begins when you buy NOT when you sell." {quote passed down to me from a wise man}

    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    RUBBISHRUNNER started this thread.
    Hi Mike, I appreciate the tip. I'm glad to hear things have worked out for you. The quote is dear to my heart as a wise man told me the same thing when I first got into buying real estate. It took a while for me to figure out what he meant. Thanks again

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    Welcome to the forum and what Mike says goes lol!!
    Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes;
    God bless little children while they're still too young to hate

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    Hi there theres a wealth of info on here just read read read I hope it all works out for you

    And welcome from England

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    Welcome from Kansas
    Alvord iron and salvage
    3rd generation scrapper and dam proud of it

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