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Hi! I'm a scrapper's daughter

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    Hi! I'm a scrapper's daughter

    I came to the forum in hope I could find some advice on the best places I can advertise my Dad's scrap yard that is for sale. We tried a broker, not successful. The broker had 2 people visit in 1 year and they couldn't afford the place. Craigslist brings people who only want owner financing. My dad is ready to retire. He started buying scrap out of his garage 40 years ago and has grown into a successful business. As we all know, most places are struggling right now with the prices so low. We are trying to find people who know this type of business and want a turn key and established establishment. I'm his daughter and I'm trying to help him out because he doesn't have much free time to look into this type of stuff. Anyone out there know where I should begin?? THANK YOU!!

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    would any of your competitors be interested in buying you out?

    Do you sell to a larger yard that might be interested?

    As far as I know, not of our regular posters are looking to buy a scrap yard, but there are a lot of people that read and don't post.

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    Welcome and you will want to include at least the general location of the scrap yard. I would assume you will consider liquidating the stock and equipment and selling the real estate separately. Best of luck. Mike
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    I'd talk with a commercial REALTOR. You may be better off selling the property and the equipment separately if the property is in a valuable location.
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